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Sloan Springer, Architect

From bookcases and houses in Austin, tech offices and high-rise condos in New York City, to opera facilities in Santa Fe, I’ve worked cross-country on a variety of award-winning projects. Design knows no scale, and with every project comes unique opportunities to do something special. Creating timeless spaces through a site-specific and personal approach, Sloan Springer Architect is a design-focused practice specializing in creating homes for people who want more than just a house. My clients see their home as a reflection of themselves. I believe that great design comes from a collaborative and tailored experience, playing off of the uniqueness of each client and the constraints of each project.
I don’t just design houses, I craft happy and healthy homes.
Hiring an architect is an investment in both the happiness of your family and the value of your home. However, the thought of building a new home or renovating an existing space can seem foggy and insurmountable. My role is to help my clients find a clear way forward to creating their dream home.
Currently serving the greater Austin, Philadelphia, and NYC metros