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Kitt Pyle, Energy

I have always enjoyed helping people.  As a science teacher for 40+ years had the privilege of teaching energy transformations. One of the Science Olympiad projects each year, while I was our school’s coach, was Mission Possible.  Mission Possible was all about energy transfers.

Now I have the privilege, with My Energy Lady, of helping home owners, business people, and renters find ways of making their homes, places of business more comfortable for less.  Each My  Energy Lady consultation as unique as each family is unique.  We discuss a variety of solutions for each home.  This may involve helping the families complete one or more projects.  It may involve helping the families find resources to solve problems that require professional help.  Check out my website for more ideas. 

Kitt Pyle – owner
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Times like seasons change. The seasons of our lives change over time.  All manmade things require constant upkeep to remain in excellent working condition.  Each of us is focused on our careers, businesses, family activities, and friends.  Just like teaching a puppy to tolerate a collar, after a season we adjust our lives to tolerating various irritating issues in our homes.  Many rob us of joy and money. Having a new set of eyes often help us find an easy solution that will increase your enjoyment and/or save you money.